Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Would you like your home to be on BBC TV?

The BBC sent me an email to say they are looking for people who are putting the original features back into their homes.

They are working on the second series of Original Features for the ‘Home’ channel. The series, presented by Nick Knowles, is looking for people who are renovating and restoring their homes back to their former glory. It could be any type of property - a Tudor cottage, Georgian mansion or 1930’s semi they are looking to restore and it doesn’t have to be huge - it may just be one room.

With expert advice on design and historians on hand, the homeowner will learn how to restore their property in keeping with the period and learn more about the history of their home - Who lived there before? What was the house formerly used for? What is lurking under the floorboards or behind the plasterboard?

If you are interested you should email or call 0117 974 6898/7499. You can also add a comment to this blog about your project.