Monday, 18 January 2010

Too many houses

I did not blog for the whole of 2009, so why is this? My excuse is that I have been far to busy to blog or indeed to update my website. So why have I been so busy? The simple answer is that, as well as my day job, I have actually refurbished 3 other houses since my last blog!
  1. My mum got a new house (it is also Victorian) needing renovation throughout and I got heavily involved in that.
  2. I decided to buy her old (1930s) house - which needed a fair bit of work to bring it up to a suitable standard for renting out.
  3. My daughter bought a late 1960s flat, a reposession which required total renovation which I did myself.

Anyway, that is all done and I can now work on my own house. I completed the hall a while ago but have not updated the website yet. I have also been working on restoring the bathroom. A cast iron roll-top bath is currently sitting in the dining room and will be installed once everything else is ready. I do hope to start updating the pictures and the blog soon!